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Safari Dakhla Camp

The Kitesurf Dakhla Safari Camp is located 28 km from Dakhla and lies on the lagoon’s coast, at the edge of the sahara desert. The large bay (50 km long and 10 km wide) is an ideal playground for those who wish to initiate or perfect their kitesurf and windsurf skills. The wind blows all year long between 17 and 35 knots and the temperature only varies of 2 degees between summer and winter. Kitesurf Dakhla Safari is a favorite playground for dolphins, whales, flamingos and a vast variety of fish and sea shells. It is an ideal place to practice Kitesurf regardless of the wind’s direction. There is also the possibility for land yachting, kayaking, boat trips, fishing and Kite –safaris “extremes” in 4x4 which we organize. Kitesurf Dakhla Safari offers the following services: rent/buy kitesurf material once arrived at the camp, accommodation under tents and VIP bungalows, hygienic toilets, hot showers etc… The camp has mobile phone network and charging telephones and computers is equally possible.


For breakfast, we offer coffee, bread, jam, honey, cheese, olive oil and fruit. All our meals are typically Moroccan. For lunch and dinner, we prepare meat, vegetables and fish tajines. Grilled fish is also available. Fruit and traditional Moroccan cakes are offered.
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